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What's it like to work with me?

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 I work in a therapeutic partnership with all of my clients- teamwork makes the dream work. Cliché but very true when it comes to restoring health.  It’s not a journey to do alone.  I’m your co-pilot and can coach you through what to do and how to do it but you are in the driver’s seat to make the changes happen in your life.

You and I will work as a collaborative team and take a deep dive into your health history, current symptoms, and lab work to help create a whole-body perspective of the imbalances and dysfunctions contributing your health complaint.  With my background in nutrition, personal training, health coaching, and functional medicine I'll create an individualized action plan which may include changes in food, supplements, movement, sleep, and stress.

Throughout the course of our time together I will follow up with you every 2-4 weeks and we will be communicating in between sessions for additional support to ensure you stay on track and work towards your goals.  During these sessions, we may adjust your plan of action if needed.

It takes time and effort to help your body heal. This approach is only for those who want to change their health and improve their lives.  If you are ready to eat well, feel well, and live well, take action and book an appointment with me today.

Eat Well.

Feel Well.

Take Action.

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