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How To Determine Your Insurance Coverage for Nutrition Appointments

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1.) Call the phone # on the back of the card:

          - provide my NPI: 1225471840- Heather Waldie

          - provide the CPT (procedure) codes of 97802, 97803 and 97804

          - provide the diagnosis code Z71.3 or Z72.4  

          - ask if TELEHEALTH is covered

          - ask if you are covered under the Affordable Care Act, Nutritional Counseling or Preventative Care                    


2.) Referral

A referral is needed from your PCP for all visits unless you have a PPO plan.  If you have Aetna, Tuft, or Harvard Pilgrim a referral is required regardless of the type of plan (even if your insurance company says no referral is required).


3.) Don't hesitate to reach out for assistance! Call my cell #: 978-494-0110

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