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Jan 10-MArch 28th 2022
a virtual event

Without insurance:

With insurance:

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Does This sound like you?

You Are Not Alone

1.) Can't lose weight 
2.) constipation
3.) diarrhea
4.) migraines/headaches
5.) heartburn/GERD/Acid Reflux
6.) bloating & Gas
7.) joint pain or body pain
8.) depression & anxiety
9.) pms/hormonal imbalances
10.)skin issues-acne, psoriasis, eczema
11.) low libido


We all need some hand-holding to do the hard stuff... like make lifestyle changes.


This program is the hand you need to make the changes you want...but struggle to do.


What is the BIGGEST influence on being successful with lifestyle changes that STICK??


Accountability + Support


I have coached thousands of people all over the country and know this to be true.


It's time to invest in your health.

More importantly, it's time to invest in yourself. 

people who have done the food detox experience...

  • Your relationships improve

  • You feel excited about your day

  • Life feels easier for you

  • You feel a pulling in life rather than pushing through it

  • You feel more confident

  • You experience more gratitude for what you have 

  • You are excited about what's to come

You have a renewed lust for life!!

  • Increased Energy

  • Improved Mental Clarity

  • Reduced Body Pain

  • Clearer Skin

  • Weight Loss

  • Elimination of PMS/Hormonal Imbalances

  • Reduction in Depression & Anxiety

  • Resolution of Diarrhea and Constipation

  • Resolution of  Bloating & Gas

  • Better Sleep

What Happens When You Feel Better in Your Body??

Here's how we will make this happen.....

  • Five (5) 1-on-1 private Functional Medicine counseling sessions (60-minutes)

  • Exclusive access to the food detox Private Facebook group 

  • Ongoing Functional Nutrition Support

  • One FREE Functional lab test depending on your needs

  • Functional lab review and dietary analysis

  • Personalized supplement recommendations 

  •  15% off all professional-grade supplements

  • weekly live 1-hour group support sessions 

  • Eat Love professional meal-planning program free for 3 months and a discounted alumni rate for program graduates

  • Weekly motivational emails with helpful tips

  • Kitchen clean-up tips and environmental hacks

  • Ongoing support and access to a Functional Nutrition RD

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The virtual Schedule...


Free Open house (60 min)-find out more about the program
-Dec 16th 2021 7:00 pm EST

Kick off (60 min)- bonus session to help get ready for the start date
-Dec 30th 2021 7:00 pm est

Program dates:
-Jan 10th 2022 7:00 pm est (60 min)- official start date

-March 28th 2022 7:00 pm est (60 min)- End Date
**we will have a 30-minute virtual meeting on the official start date and end date**

weekly group support sessions : 
-thursdays @ 7:00 pm EST (60  min) from january 10th- march 28th 2022


You have options!.....

without insurance
$4,500 Cash-Price
(one-time payment)
$1,500/month x 3 months


* Use discount code fooddetox10 to receive 10% off when paying in full ($450 in savings!)

*Note: Discount does not apply to payment plans

* Use discount code fooddetox10 to receive 10% off when paying in full ($276 in savings!)

*Note: Discount does not apply to payment plans

* Subject to insurance coverage. It is your responsibility to understand your insurance coverage. You will be responsible for co-pays, deductibles, and cost-share per your individual policy.

Please click below for information on how to check your insurance coverage

 *With Insurance

$2,760 (one-time payment)


$920/month x 3 months


Young Businesswomen

it's time to



It's time to feel good in your body again

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